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About Us

Hello, We are a young company, Paduka Consultants Private Limited, specializing in Design, Development and Maintenance of Websites offering these services through our Services website;

Our website; is an acronym for WordPress Reviews, Resources, Tips & Tricks. As WordPress experts, we are able to provide you with valuable resources and tips related to WordPress. We also do in-depth research on various WP plugins, themes as well as other related products & services and we review them on this site. The Founder cum Director of this Company is the author & webmaster of the website, and personally writes all the articles, reviews and resources.

All our articles and reviews are completely unbiased, truthful and honest and are based on actual facts as available on the internet as well as based on our own experience & research. We would like to emphasise here that we do NOT receive any payment or compensation for positive reviews. You may also like to read our Advertising Disclosure page.

We would be really happy to help our visitors take an informed decision based on our product reviews as well as other content which will be made available to the visitors on a regular basis.

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